Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Some good news...

So after my last attempt at printing with my photopolymer plate, I was a bit down. Not only was I not getting any impression, but the ink coverage was not good, and things were not going well. So, I fired off an email with my photos to my letterpress instructor (Jim Rimmer) to see what he could tell me. So far, I have learned the following:
  • My design has some larger solid areas. This is not something I was thinking about when I designed it, but I should have. For my first ever run on my press, I should have kept to line art or text perhaps, for better results.
  • The paper I purchased was a bit too textured, causing some uneven coverage.
  • A printer has to ink specifically for light type and heavy illustrations, depending on the job at hand.
So, Jim suggested that I cut up my plate into sections - one for the bird, one for the berries, and one for the text. Last night I did just that and...

EUREKA! Ok, so I didn't do a full run with ink, but all of the sudden I've got a definite impression with the text, a slight impression for the bird, and a better impression for the berries. This weekend I will have a go at it with some ink.

The design I'm working on is for a New Year's card for my design studio clients. I'm hoping to get myself sorted out in time to send it before January :)

I also ordered some 120 lb cover Eames (Furniture finish) paper from Neenah, which I saw someone use in the letterpress workshop I attended with good results. I will post photos of this next trial run when complete.


A quick word of thanks to Kathleen at Cake & Pie Creative for mentioning my blog on her site. I've already received lots of feedback from visitors, and it looks like there are many letterpress beginners (or soon-to-be beginners) in the same boat as me. Be sure to check out Kathleen's cool cards and craft projects!

Happy letterpressing!


  1. Fabulous! That is some great feedback!! I'll file that away in my mind. Thanks so much for sharing the info you learned! I'm looking forward to the results!

  2. I'd definitely like to see your results with the Eames paper. I've been eyeing that stuff, and have yet to call for samples...


  3. I'm having the same problems with my littl'Kelsey and went searching for a solution. Do you know if there's a trick to adjusting the impression screws and adjusting the roller height??


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