Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Got Craft - The Results Are In...

(photo above: crowd waiting to get in to the fair)

I apologize for taking so long for posting about the Got Craft? fair I participated in this past weekend (July 21st) - I know lots of readers have been wanting to know how I did, so thank you for your emails :)

Overall, the craft fair was a success, especially as a first-timer. I managed to sell about half of my inventory, and when I worked out the ratio of sales to the number of people that attended, I made a dollar per person (which happens to be also what the organizers made, as each person was charged $1 to get in). So, considering that I had low expectations (of maybe selling one card the whole day!) - I was pleased.

I had lots of friends and colleagues stop by to check out my work and say hi - so thanks to you all! It was great to have your support!

It's hard to think of anything bad about the day...The only minor downsides were these:

1. The location of the fair was not what I expected. I thought the hall was closer to the main drag in Kitsilano (a part of Vancouver) - when it was in fact in more of a residential area. Not sure if this made a difference...

2. The weather stunk. Rain, rain, rain. So yeah, that might have made people stay in.

3. This was my first fair, and I learned from some of the other vendors that there are more "high end" fairs out there, for which I may be better suited...not sure though...just what they told me.

Here are some photos...

Me at my table, with my lovely Kinkos banner :)

My dear friend and volunteer assistant, Nikki Scott. She was great - and what a help! Having her there allowed me to chat up the product and talk letterpress with fellow printers, while she helped others waiting. Nikki was very good at doing the math and receipts while I blabbed away. I bagged product and talked, and she handled the money. What a match we are! Luckily, Nikki had fun and did some shopping while at the fair, so I am hoping she will join me again at my next event :)

Here is another shot of the table...Note the free Mentos for shoppers :)

A frame with info about letterpress and what I do...

Product for sale...

Baby congrats card and my business cards (I had about 5 left by the end)...

One of the most fun aspects of the day was when the artist from Photies (a metal working studio that makes custom photo holders out of wire) came over to tell me he had fashioned a bird photo holder based on my bird illustration he had seen in photos of my work before the show! I was honoured. We put the bird card in the photo holder and took a photo. I think it looks great!

I had a great time at the show (6 hours) and met some wonderful fellow designers, including Allison from StudioTwo13. Allison is a jewelry designer and she gave me some tips for where to find good shows to be in, how to get product into stores, and other tidbits. Thanks Allison!!!

All in all it was a great day, and people told me how much they loved my work - even when they didn't buy anything.

So what's next? Well, I'm planning to do a few more shows, and may participate in Portobello West - another local art/craft market for young designers. It gets more foot traffic and is the last Sunday of every month, so something to definitely look into.

I am also going to open an Etsy store very soon, as soon as I can find the time. I will also have a new website dedicated to my letterpress work. My studio website ( is really for my "real job" - graphic & web design - so I'd like to have a home just for my letterpress work.

On the press front, I may have located a C&P 8x12 in my cross your fingers that I can find a way to get it into my basement :)

Happy letterpressing...


  1. Congrats on a great job and all the sales.

  2. Awesome!!!
    Everything looked great!

  3. Wow, everything looked amazing. Good for you. If we had been there we would have totally snatched up some of your cards - I'm looking forward to your Etsy store opening up! Congratulations!

  4. Congrats!

    After a harrowing experience unloading a C&P 10x15 off of a pickup truck this March and putting it in our garage, we decided to go with the pros to move it from there to our new studio space. I got professional movers with press-moving experience and a truck with a hydraulic lift gate. Now that I saw how they operated, if I rented all the stuff they used, I could probably move it myself next time. It definitely helped to prepare the press, though, by taking it apart as much as possible, particularly essential is removing the flywheel. Some helpful links are here:

    It also helped that a local fellow printer, Shelley of the Albertine Press, who has a pretty big shop (I mean, big for a small shop), had some advice for me and recommended the movers I ended up using.

  5. Congrats on such a nice display and a great job on your first fair!

    I have a question: did you hand score and fold all the cards yourself?

  6. Super stuff! Can't wait to hear about your next fair!


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