Tuesday, October 16, 2007


It looks like the header is finally working...silly Blogger interface! At least it's fixed now, and the blog is finally looking like my own, instead of a template.

I've had a few emails lately from some designers/artists interested in getting started in letterpress printing. If you take a look back to my old postings from last year, you will find some good (and lengthy) advice on getting started, where to find classes, where to find presses, etc. But, I will recap some useful websites here for those who'd rather not read through the old postings:

Briarpress - The best source for letterpress information, classifieds, discussions, and access to many experts...
Beginner's Guide to Buying A Press - The name speaks for itself, also from Briarpress...
Intro to Letterpress - Good advice from David Rose...
First Press Suggestions - Don Black's advice for beginners....
EBay Guide to Buying a Letterpress - I wouldn't always recommend the EBay route for buying your first press, but there is some good advice here.

I hope these links are useful to you. There are plenty more resources available online - just Google "Buying a Letterpress" and you'll find a whack of links to help you.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. love the new look!

  2. Great links!

    I've got a small online collection of Hatch Show Prints that I've picked up over the years. Drop by and take a look! The site is at:




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