Sunday, November 4, 2007

Weekend Warrior...

This weekend was extremely productive. I tackled so many projects and so much printing it would make your head spin...or give you sciatica - which is what I seem to be suffering from. I used to think sciatica was something only senior citizens suffered from, but alas, it seems not. Leaning over a press for many hours will do that to you (well, that and years of ballet training, and a tendency to store stress in your back muscles!). (Note to self: Examine ergonomics of press room, make improvements as necessary).

The next few weekends coming up are very busy for me, so this weekend I needed to get some of my holiday designs printed for upcoming art shows. I didn't even get through half of my designs, but I did make some major headway. What fueled this productive spell? Caffeine? Nope, I don't drink coffee and I gave up Coca Cola many years ago. I think it was mostly panic that drove this printing fiesta.

On that note, here are some photos of the weekend's work:

Finally finished reprinting my business cards for my studio. I had run out a while ago and looked like a doofus a few times for not having any with me. I will be interviewed on Tuesday by the Peace Arch News (a local paper) and yep, that's a good excuse to finally get going on the card printing.

Some holiday cards...

Some tree notecards - an illustration of the tree in front of my home...

And more holiday schtuff...

I may eventually post these items on Etsy...we'll see how things go. I do need to watch my stock so that I have enough for upcoming shows.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. they're beautiful Erin - lookin' good for the holidays!

  2. Ooo! Everything looks great. I love your business card.


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