Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wedding favours...or favors...whatever you prefer

Part of this week has been spent working on a project I just loved. Someone who attended one of my craft/art shows last year is getting married and asked about having me make some packs of letterpress notecards that she could give to her guests as favours. I printed two existing designs, packaged them up in groups of four, and printed some stickers with the couple's names and wedding date for the packages. Tomorrow I ship them off, it will be sad to see them go. All the pretty colours...Best wishes to Makiko and Dean for the wedding day!

This week I also learned the difference between brokerage operations at FedEx vs. UPS. Ok, boring topic, I know - but very important for someone like me that has to import most of her supplies from the US. I used to thing that UPS was the supreme, almighty shipping company. But alas, they have one fault. FedEx's advantage is that they start clearing your package through customs before it even leaves the shipper's location. UPS does it when your package arrives at the receiver's home warehouse before going on the truck for delivery. This is an interesting fact when you consider that if your package has problems clearing customs (as mine have before) - with FedEx, you can clear up the issue before it even gets there. With UPS, the package that isn't cleared is already in your area - killing time while you sort out the mess with UPS.

I know, that was a totally enthralling tidbit.

So this week I have a few custom projects on the go, and I'm finalizing the Sunlit Letterpress website. It should be up in a couple of I'll keep the blog posted.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. How exciting, can't wait to see your new site.

    Have been reading your blog from start to finish lately as am finally taking the plunge and trying to get a press of my own.... if I can find one here in Australia that is! ;) Anyway, your posts are fascinating and very inspiring to a letterpress newbie like me. So thank you for sharing your adventures in letterpress, I think you must be helping a lot of other people in a similar situation :)

  2. Wow - what a nice favor!

  3. What a great favor idea! Love that! By the way, I am wondering who you buy your envelopes through (I just love the envelopes in my boxer notecards set). Can you email me the info? Thanks!!

  4. i just found your blog and i love it. i am also a letterpress printer... and i love encountering others with this odd obsession. wish i was attending that wedding!


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