Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tagged by Megan!

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Thank you to everyone for your kind words about our HOW Magazine coverage! You are all very sweet : )

I've been tagged by Megan at Megan Creates, a fellow letterpress printer in Massachusetts, so here we go:

What were you doing ten years ago?
Ten years ago I was on summer break from my second year of university. I was living at home for the summer and working at a demolition company as an office assistant/admin person. The office was located on a junkyard, and every afternoon I had to plan my escape very carefully. You see, the junkyard had a lot of theft problems, so there was a company worker that lived on the property with 6 guard dogs. I always had to make sure I was out of the yard before the guy was back from his workday, because that is when he "released the hounds" for the night. These weren't just guard dogs, they were junkyard guard dogs, and although you'd think there isn't much difference, I assure you there is (they would scare the bejesus out of a regular guard dog). Anyways, there were a few times where I tried to leave when the dogs had already been released for the night. Not cool.

Five items on my to do list:
order printing plates, call my paper rep, send out some estimates, get ready for a "Meet the Designer" night at one of my retailers in July, do some laundry

Snacks I enjoy:
Whoa nelly, that is one can of worms you do NOT want to open. I'm a candy and chocolate fanatic. Although I can't eat treats everyday, some of my favorites include: Laura Secord Frosted Mint Chocolate bars, See's Candies, Harry and David Chocolate Covered Strawberries, candy corn, and marshmallow bananas and marshmallow strawberries (yes, everyone thinks I'm totally gross for eating those).

What would you do if you were a billionaire?
I'd make sure everyone I know is comfortable and then donate most to charities. Honestly though, I don't think I'd change my daily life too much (except for maybe living elsewhere, like the places listed below).

Places I would live:
Kapalua/Napili, Maui, Hawaii
San Diego, California
Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Sydney, Australia (and some of the other great spots I visited up along the East Coast like Cairns)

Jobs I've had:
office go-fer
ice cream scooper/server
real estate office receptionist
office assistant
policy developer/writer
web designer
communications officer
graphic designer
letterpress printer

I am supposed to tag more bloggers, but that will have to wait. It's 10:44 PM and I am zonked.

Happy letterpressing!

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