Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Letterpress Business Cards + Surfboards

Things have been ridiculously busy around the studio as we wrap up our last few projects before closing the studio for a holiday. Above is a photo of some custom business cards we designed and printed for a client that will be using them in his job search. Two benefits of letterpress business cards are that a) people look at them more closely because they are textured, and b) they actually keep them because they look so different from others.
We wish Joshua all the best with his search!

Below are some photos of some custom certificates we printed for UWL Surfboards in France. UWL makes a line of custom boards called "Addiction", and with each custom board the buyer receives this certificate that lists the company's quality guarantee, and has spots for the shaper, laminator, board artist, and others to sign their names.

We worked with Thomas (the UWL rep who designed the artwork) in French, which was fun, as I rarely get a chance to use my French anymore. It is pretty cool to be able to work with someone halfway across the globe in another language and print something unique like these certificates:

The certificates were printed on Crane's Pearl Lettra with brown ink, and the kraft envelopes were printed with gold ink.

Along with these photos, we also made a quick video of the printing of this order, which I hope to post here soon (as soon as I figure out how to do that). UWL wanted to see a video of how their order was printed (and the press), and we were happy to oblige.

Back to work! Happy letterpressing!


  1. OOoooo I'm looking forward to seeing the video!

  2. I love your work, again checking in to see how you can wow me! Great work as always!


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