Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Back from Japan

We are finally back from our trek to Japan. It was a wonderful trip and I think everyone should try to travel to Japan at least once in their lifetime to take in all the beauty that this country has to offer. In addition to being a very inspiring place to visit (especially for those involved in the arts or design), it is clean, friendly, and safe. Canada is quite safe, but we having nothing on Japan. Not once did I fear pickpockets, or have any worries about traveling on their metro systems. I was told that if you lose your wallet in Japan, 98% of the time it will be returned to you.

The food was outstanding, and the sights were breathtaking.
Everyone is overwhelmingly polite. Tokyo is now one of my favorite cities - I just loved it there, and felt oddly at home amongst the hustle and bustle. There is so much visual stimulation going on that I could hardly contain myself. My poor husband had to drag me around sometimes because I'd be standing there just staring at all the signs and cool storefronts and other odd things that captured my interest.

We traveled from Tokyo to Nikko, to Kyoto, to Nara, to Osaka, to Koya-San, to Hiroshima, to Miyajima, and back to Tokyo.

Here are a few photos from the trip:

And I even celebrated my birthday in Tokyo before going home the next day. Here is my very delish "birthday cake" (strawberry, green tea and chestnut, and banana chocolate). The Japanese make the best cakes in the world, hands down! These cakes were from a department store in Ginza (the department store's 1st floor was all cakes and high-end treats to take home and serve - the packaging was out of this world!).

Since arriving back (and trying to get used to the time change) we've printed some custom cards for our client Andrea in Nova Scotia. I love how these turned out. Printed in a raspberry ink on Fluorescent White Crane Lettra.

If you are looking for custom letterpress stationery, please contact the studio. We are back and ready to print your project!

Happy letterpressing!

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