Friday, May 22, 2009

Kraft Wedding Invitations

Above are invitations that we designed and printed for a Vancouver couple that we met at the Indie I Do show in January of this year. The couple loved the look of kraft (paper bag brown color) stock and wanted to use our existing "vine" design that we use on some of our ready-to-wear notecards (available at retail outlets). I hunted high and low for a font that would work well with the vine design (I needed something rounded and modern) and was happy with my final selection.

This couple also opted for reply postcards instead of the reply card + reply envelope combo, and the corners were rounded for all the pieces in the suite. The sharp edges of a square corner wouldn't have gone well with the rounded vine design or the font, so I think this was a good choice.

The couple also chose to include a map to their reception location, which is a great idea if you have lots of out-of-town guests who might get lost on their way!

If you couldn't make it to Indie I Do this year, I strongly recommend you give it a try next year in January 2010. We have already signed up and are looking forward to meeting next year's brides and grooms at the show!

Happy letterpressing!

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