Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Custom Notecards for Local Photographer

Above is a photo of some custom notecards we recently printed up for Shona of Sweet Earth Photographics here in Vancouver. These cards - printed with brown ink on Crane Lettra Pearl with 100% recycled kraft envelopes - will be used for her photography clients. I think it's great when professionals use classic stationery to drop their clients a note or thank-you, it comes across as very professional and very personal at the same time. The photographer for our wedding did not send out notes like this, but it would have been a nice touch - especially considering that most clients are spending a fair bit when they hire a photographer for their big day.

This past week has been almost impossible to work for long periods of time - the temperature hovered around 38-40 degrees (Celsius) for most of last week. As you may know, letterpress printing involves a lot of physical work, so cranking out prints in such temperatures can make you feel like you are going to pass out. We don't have air conditioning in the studio, so besides a few fans and cold water, there wasn't much relief! I have also noted that when the humidity rises in the heat, the flywheel on the C&P develops a nice rust almost instantly. This means that before I can print, I need to clean all the rust off - otherwise if I handle a print after touching the wheel, my print gets an added embellishment: a nice set of rusty fingerprints.

Happy letterpressing!

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