Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hibiscus Themed Letterpress Invitations

Above are some photos of a recent letterpress wedding invitation order we printed for a lovely couple from Vancouver that is getting married this summer. They really wanted to incorporate a hibiscus flower into their design, so we simply altered our existing "Hibiscus" design a little bit for their needs.

This invitation suite included an information card titled "The Scoop" where they couple directed guests to their wedding website to find more information about their upcoming wedding. This is a great idea - especially when you have more information to share with guests than can comfortably fit onto an invitation card alone. There is nothing worse than an overcrowded invitation that doesn't have enough white space, a.k.a. breathing room. I suppose that goes for all things - overcrowding just isn't pretty. An instructor once told me "when you design something, strip away everything that is unecessary and leave it at that" - I follow these instructions whether I am designing a magazine ad, business card, invitation, or website.

The hibiscus theme reminded me of our recent trip to Oahu, HI. My husband and I have toyed around with the idea of moving to Hawaii permanently for many years...and you can see why...ahhh the Aloha state...

I am planning to run a blog contest for some letterpress notecards later this week - so be sure to visit again soon!


  1. I am really loving the yellow ink!
    Tail Wags,

  2. Oh I would love a contest. I am dying for some letterpress note cards!


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