Monday, April 5, 2010

Contest Winner!

Sorry this is coming a bit late - Easter plans and my father's 60th birthday took up a good portion of Friday and Saturday.

Using the random number generator at, the contest winner is #2 - Effie! Effie, please contact me at the email address in the header of this blog (top of page) with your mailing address and I will send your cards to you a.s.a.p.

As you've probably guessed from the contest questions, we will be offering a "letterpress of the month" club very soon - please watch the blog for more details this week.

This week we are busy in the studio designing business cards for a few different clients including a glass artist and a landscape/garden designer. We love working with clients in the creative field because we have so much in common.

Hopefully this week will be better than last - my father-in-law had brought me a lovely gift of germs when visiting a week prior and I ended up with an ear infection, chest infection, laryngitis, and a throat so raw the doctor said it was the worst he'd ever seen. After a round of antibiotics (and a short-lived trial of Nasonex - holy nosebleeds!) it seems things are slowly starting to get better, but with a 5-month old baby at home, it has been impossible to get the extra rest required to recover 100%. That's one thing no one tells you before you have children - there is no more "down time" for being sick anymore - no more lazing on the couch sipping ginger ale and eating popsicles. There are feedings to be given, diapers to be changed, and crawling to be encouraged. No rest for the wicked!

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