Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Don't Forget Mother's Day!

Just a reminder: If you are planning to buy a membership in our Letterpress Lovers Club for Mother's Day or as a gift starting in May, be sure to purchase by April 30th!!!

Letterpress treats will be delivered monthly to your mailbox! The first mailout for this round of memberships will be early May - just in time for Mother's Day! A perfect gift!

Join the
Letterpress Lovers Club - the buyer/your gift recipient will receive a unique letterpress stationery item once a month for the duration of their membership. Each month the item will be different - a fun surprise in your mailbox! - and will include an assortment of stationery items such as notecard or greeting card sets, art prints, gift tags, letterpress packaging items, seasonal stationery pieces, etc.

Buy a membership for yourself or as a gift for someone special! A limited number of
3-month and 6-month memberships are for sale.

6-month membership as a gift for someone else, and receive 1/2 of the first month's mailing for yourself for free! Enter "LLC GIFT" along with your own shipping address in the NOTES TO SELLER at time of purchase and we'll send your loot with the first mail out to your gift recipient. UPDATE: This offer expires April 30th, 2010.

Have a question about the club? Enter them below in the comments or email us at info at sunlit-letterpress.com.


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