Thursday, April 15, 2010

New in Our Shop

Customizable monogrammed notecard sets - pick your ink color and initial. Comes in a kraft gift box - makes a great personalized gift!

Multi-use kraft letterpress cards printed with a robin's egg blue floral design. Can be used for notes, greetings, as a card insert for bouquets, hang tags, gift tags, invite people to an event by writing on the back, etc.

I am having a difficult time printing and typing these days as I cut my finger very deeply the other day. I was trying to cut a piece of bread from a loaf that my mother baked for us, and I was lazy and not wanting to get out a cutting board, so I was cutting the loaf while holding it. Bad idea. Now it's all wrapped up and giving me a bad case of butterfingers. Not cool when working with a press. Ugh.

I decided to go and buy a spot in the paper goods showcase on Etsy for tomorrow. Have any of you ever bought a showcase spot? Did it work out for you? I'm not expecting much, but might be a fun experiment.

1 comment:

  1. oh no i hope you heal up soon! i hate printing with bandages on.


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