Monday, June 14, 2010

Letterpress Stationery Sets

Above is a photo of the latest Letterpress Lovers Club monthly mailing - a set of writing paper and envelopes all printed with a bright green sakura (cherry blossom) pattern. We've never offered stationery sets before (in the club or in our shop), but I hope it will encourage our members to send a nice letter to someone special.

When was the last time you received a handwritten letter in the mail?

I honestly don't exactly remember the last time I did - I used to penpal with my great aunt in London who would sometimes put in some Nestle White Chocolate Milkybar Buttons for me. I loved getting her letters in the mail! We would write back and forth about all sorts of random things - her fat cat, my two dogs, what I was doing in school and girl scouts...A few years ago my great aunt passed away and my mother and Grandmother found all my letters that she had kept in her bureau for all those years and they brought them back for me to keep. It brought tears to my eyes to think she kept all my silly little drawings and the misspelled musings of a 10-year old.

I have a few extra stationery sets left from the July mailout - you can check them out here in out Etsy shop.

In other news, we have a line of more affordable letterpress business cards coming soon...stay tuned!


  1. Hi Erin, my sister and I purchased your 6 month club for my Mom for her 70th birthday-she loves it, and can't wait for next month's surprise. I, too received a packet of letters that I wrote to my Grandma after she passed away. Thanks for keeping letter-writing alive with your beautiful letterpress paper goods. Renee

  2. There is nothing like opening the mail box to a handwritten letter. I've been lucky to maintain correspondence with a very good friend from university. With her in Halifax and me in Vancouver, we could easily use Facebook to keep up to date. But we both love to handwrite with ink on paper. And we get such a kick out of decorating each other's envelopes with ink doodles and random drawings or newspaper clippings.

    I'm glad to hear your great aunt kept all your letters. Someone will stumble upon them again in future and think they'd found gold!


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