Friday, August 27, 2010

Birth Announcements

It's taken us a really long time (10 months to be exact!) to post photos of our daughter's birth announcements - but here they are at long last.

Being the both the designer and client for a personal project is very difficult - I find when I'm designing for other people I come up with ideas easily and am always confident with the concepts I present. But when designing for myself I always second guess everything - Could this look better another way? Have I totally exhausted the possibilities and options for the layout? Would other colors look better? What if I print this and I hate it, or come up with a better idea later? What if...I drive myself nuts.

The announcements were printed on Crane Lettra 110 lb. cotton stock in Pearl White in three (yep, three!) colors. This means three separate passes through the press for each piece - the light pink, the dark pink, and the blind impression (circle pattern with no ink). The envelope had the butterfly printed on the front beside where each recipient's address was written.

In the end I am very happy with how things turned out and plan to find a frame that will fit the announcement and the photo of her from the hospital that I sent out with it.

I still can't believe it's been almost a year since she was born. This has truly been the fastest year of my life - when they say life speeds up when you have children they weren't kidding around!


  1. absolutely beautiful work! 3 press runs is no small task :)

  2. those turned out so beautiful! nice job. i'll be featuring them on my blog :) and dont worry im still way behind on birth announcements here too.

  3. These are gorgeous!!

    Have you seen the movie Typeface?? I just came across your blog and it seemed like you would like it, if you haven’t.

    Here’s a link to the trailer:

    Great blog! I’m really enjoying it! :)



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