Thursday, October 28, 2010


On CBC there is a show called "Dragon's Den" that I enjoy watching. This show is also available in the US on ABC and is called "Shark Tank". It is basically a bunch of investors that offer their own money to start-up businesses that come and do a pitch. The goal for the business owner is to obtain some capital in trade for the Dragon's (or Shark's) equity in the business. Do you watch it? I find it entertaining...and sometimes educational.

Anyways, last night instead of the usual pitches from business owners they did features on each of the Dragons to show how they each made their millions. The best quote was from Jim Treliving (of the Boston Pizza empire) who said that someone told him that he was "lucky" to be where he was. Jim said he thought that was funny - it wasn't luck - "the harder I worked the ' luckier' I got". Sometimes that's all it comes down to, is hard work.

I am not exactly sure what the point of this post is, other than to say that if you need to be inspired on occasion to keep truckin' at your own business and make it work - then check out this show.

P.S. If you are are getting married anytime soon and are in Vancouver, don't forget to come to
Creme de la Creme Grand Wedding Showcase at the Four Seasons Hotel on Saturday (October 30th). We can't wait!

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  1. Hey I saw that episode too and I found it very interesting to see where each of them came from and their successes and failures.


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