Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elephant/Safari Themed Letterpress Invitations

Hello friends! Above are photos from a custom letterpress invitation suite we designed and printed for our clients Sarah and Ryan from Victoria, BC. Sarah and Ryan had some wonderful ideas for their wedding invitations - including the incorporation of elephants (which have a special meaning for the couple) and leopard print. It was important to the couple that the elephants be African or have a African safari vibe/feel (i.e. no Thai or Indian-style elephants). This difference may sound trivial to some, but there is a big difference between illustrative styles for elephants based on their geographic origin.

When Sarah first mentioned leopard print, I have to admit I had a moment of panic. When I first think of leopard print, my mind always automatically brings up visions of 1980s ladies workout gear. (Yes, I lived through that era...and yes, skinny jeans and other related 80s trends that are making a comeback these days still frighten me...). But, this isn't too say that leopard print and other animal patterns can't be sophisticated and elegant if used in the right way. We used a very light ivory/warm white for the inking of the leopard print in the invitation suite - to keep it subtle and use the leopard print as a sort of textural element.

I must say, these invitations are one of my favorites to date. I really like how different they are from the typical florals and lace that is usually associated with weddings. It's not that there is anything wrong with florals and lace - it's just that when 75% of your design time is spent on wedding invitations, it's fun to work with unique graphic motifs.

We also designed and printed a custom letterpress wedding menu for the reception and printed it in the same copper brown as the invitations. The menu made me drool whenever I was working on it - yum!

It was a pleasure to work with Sarah on her invitations - and as with over 80% of our clients, we worked with Sarah only via phone and e-mail, and have never met face to face. I am in Victoria frequently however (my in-laws live there), so perhaps one day I can congratulate Sarah and Ryan on their nuptials in person!

If you are interested in custom letterpress wedding invitations - whether you are in Vancouver or on the other side of the globe - please contact us! We look forward to working with you to make letterpress a part of your big day!

In other news, I am going to go check out a new (well, "new" is a relative term when it comes to presses) press for the studio on Friday...I'm not holding my breath, just in case it is in bad shape...but I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks to our friend Paul (a fellow student of the late Jim Rimmer) for the heads up!

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