Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Letterpress Lovers Club - The Perfect Gift for Stationery-Loving Moms

Hello friends!

Although I am still taking a health-issue related break from printing, I wanted to let you know that we still have memberships in the Letterpress Lovers Club available for puchase in our Etsy shop.

What is the LLC? Letterpress treats delivered monthly to your mailbox!

Sign your Mom up for our
Letterpress Lovers Club - a "letterpress-of-the month" club where the recipient will receive a unique letterpress stationery item once a month for the duration of their membership.

Each month the item will be different - a fun surprise in your mailbox! - and will include an assortment of stationery items such as notecard or greeting card sets, art prints, gift tags, letterpress printed packaging items, seasonal stationery pieces, etc.

A limited number of
12-month memberships are for sale. Please also see our 3-month and 6-month membership listings if interested in a shorter membership period.

Your first month will ship at the beginning of the next month after purchase (i.e. buy in May and your first mailing will ship at the beginning of June). Mailings are sent at the beginning of the month.

**Indicate that your purchase is for Mother's Day and give us Mom's email, and we will send them a note on Mother's Day explaining the club and 
the membership you've selected from them.**

We look forward to adding your Mom (or grandmother, step-mother, aunt, friend, or other special person) to our club membership list  : ) If you have any questions about the LLC, please post in the comments or email/phone the studio for more information.

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