Monday, June 25, 2012

Custom Orchid Letterpress Invitations

Despite some recent health issues, I am finally getting back to work slowly in fits and spurts. On Sunday I completed our first press run in over 5 months. It was a bit challenging since I am still not 100% and the studio has moved to a new location since I last printed anything, so it was frustrating trying to find studio supplies that weren't where I expected them to be. My press was also a bit squeaky since some of the oil had worked its way out of oil holes during the move, so I had to hunt down each squeak and re-oil and lubricate joints. Nevertheless the 250 piece print job was completed and I enjoyed getting back into the rhythm of printing and moving to the beat of my 1,200 lb press.

My recent downtime has allowed me to get the camera out and take a few photos of jobs past - including the above photos of letterpress invitations we designed and printed last year for a couple in Toronto. We worked closely with their wedding planner (who is based here in Vancouver) for most of the design phase and printing of the letterpress stationery, and then we worked with the planner and the couple again to design their "day-of" wedding stationery that was to be printed digitally (including menus, programs, favor tags, and place cards). The ink used was a dark eggplant purple on Pearl White Crane Lettra stock.

If you are interested in having us design and print your custom letterpress wedding invitations and wedding stationery, please be in touch. We look forward to working with you!

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