Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Crane goodies...

Well, it didn't take long for my friends at Crane to send over the Lettra samples I requested. Though I have not had a chance to give them a go yet on the Kelsey, I must say, it looks and feels like a great paper. Nice and fluffy-looking - that's my "paper conoisseur" description. But really, it has a nice weight and feels almost handmade. I am looking forward to testing it out!

Things have been very busy here with wedding clients (I am a graphic/web designer, with a recent focus on invitation/event stationery design), and on top of the renovation and upcoming sale of our rental property, I'm finding myself temporarily short on time for using my press. It is looking a little lonely in the basement this week...

But, I am hoping to do the layout of the cards within the next two weeks.
For the business card project, I will need to:

a) design my cards
b) order my custom ink to match my corporate colors
c) send my designs to Boxcar Press and have my plates made
d) get printing!

Stay tuned for more, and happy letterpressing!


  1. i just tried this last week to get some lettra swatch or sample books through customer service but... they sent me a brochure. could you hook me up with the crane rep info. too? please let me know, i am at freneticpress@gmail.com -thx much staceyb

  2. Letter pressing has fascinated me forever. I hang on your every post! I look forward to reading your journey and am so ecited to see your work.


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