Thursday, January 25, 2007

Planning the next project...

Howdy letterpress fans - Sorry for the lack of posts - things have been hectic in my neck of the woods. However, during this busy-ness I've settle on my next project - redoing my business cards for my design studio. For a long time, I was thinking of just having Mercurio Brothers in Berkeley, CA, do them for me, but after the success of my 2006 holiday card, I think I'm ready to do it myself. (But, if you ever need a large letterpress job printed, I highly recommend Mercurio Brothers - they did an ab fab job on my wedding invitations last year).

From your many recommendations, I decided to try and hunt down some Crane Lettra paper. Unfortunately, my local paper rep has never heard of it, and doesn't seem very interested in getting any in for me. So, thanks to Kevin at Jazyrain in Oregon, I've gotten in touch with the Western US Crane rep, and he's putting together a nice sample package for me. I'm looking forward to receiving it soon - and hopefully I can order some for my business cards.

I plan to keep the business card design simple, and will stick to my corporate colours (which means using the custom ink, as I don't know if I have the patience to try to match PMS 557 by mixing the inks myself). Thanks everyone for the links!

I also plan to put my corner-rounder to use. It's just a little plastic rounder from the scrapbooking store - but it works great!

Stay tuned for progress reports on the business cards...Happy letterpressing!


  1. Good luck on your next project and looking forward to the results! Your posts and blog have been very helpful as I'm soon to take the leap into letterpress, too! -- Deb

  2. Yay! You will love the Lettra!!! It's so soft and nice. You can buy it by the ream on Crane's website.
    They send a great sample pack.

  3. check out for the lettra paper. they are actually cheaper than getting it directly from crane's unless you are able to get a super wholesale deal. i buy mine in 200 sheet reams of 23x35" and cut it down.

    it is awesome paper. also make great paper.

  4. i got one of those paper rounders too and I love it! It is so funny how a little tool can make things look so polished! - I love how informational your letterpress posts are as a letterpress fan it has been very informative! thanks!


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