Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Looking for ink...

Does anyone know a place that sells custom Pantone mix letterpress inks? If so, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. I believe you can order them at You have to know the Pantone number and it ends up being a custom order. I had trouble ordering online before, but they have a phone number so I'd go that route.
    I found a supplier of vanson inks in my area and they can order from there for me as well.

  2. Also, check out flint inks at I know their reputation to be exceptional. Hope this helps.

  3. I've heard to buy one tint/color lighter than you want since the swatchbooks are formulated for offset.

    Also, there's Gans ink and they went so far as to send me a sample of their metallic silver, a 1 oz sample that will last me for months.

    Have you considered mixing colors yourself? It's alot easier than it sounds. The guy who taught me showed me that you can just look at the build book and roll with the quantities listed, like 1 part process blue and 36 parts transparent white... I just put 36 dabs with a knife on the glass (or ink disc), then match the dab with the other color, mix and voila. pretty dang close. It's cheaper in the long run than buying all those pms colors! :)

    Cool site! And nice work on the new year card!

  4. Great resources so far. I used a local company called Miller in the Kansas City area. The color matched pretty well but you have to run them light on the C&P.

    I had 2 colors mixed and inking the press like normal was a serious overkill. the colors were really dark. So I wiped almost everything off of the inking disk and PRESTO! the color matched the PMS specified.

    It did however require frequent re-inking which was a bear to keep the colors consistent.

    Now I usually mix my own. Van Sons has some decent process colors that are really affordable.

    It's Fancy Letterpress Studio

  5. Looking for letterpress ink. I haven't printed in years and it seems things are different now. What is rubber base, vs oil? What is the best for a Vnadercook on heavy printing paper?


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