Sunday, June 3, 2007

Got Craft?

It looks like I'm going to be spending lots of time in the basement...Nope, I'm not turning into a recluse, but I was just accepted as a vendor for Lotus Events' Got Craft? craft fair being hosted here in Vancouver on July 21, 2007. So, I will be launching Sunlit Media's letterpress line of greeting cards and stationery at the show!

Let me tell you, it's not Grandma's craft fair! Lotus Events has rounded up 20 local designers from the Vancouver area that will be offering all sorts of cool items for sale. So, mark your calendar! Come on down and talk letterpress with me!

My next few posts on the blog will chronicle my printing process in prep for the show...

So what was first on the agenda?

I had to order some more Lettra paper from Crane - I just love this paper, and so does my press. Too bad my lame paper rep in Vancouver doesn't have any and wouldn't return any of my calls...I had to order direct from MA, USA. Yippee, more brokerage fees are on their way! Sometimes living north of the border stinks when you have to order supplies!

I also ordered a can of yellow ink from US Litho Supply in Spokane, WA. Van Sons in NY disappointed me a bit with their customer service (told me to confirm shipping to Canada, which I did three times, but took over 3 weeks to get three jars of ink to my home). Let's see how US Litho Supply's gotta be faster if it's coming from Spokane to Vancouver (crossing fingers...).

I have a few designs ready to go for photopolymer plates, but I want to have a few more others to offer at the show.

I've also got to get my sales table design ready - I know some crafters have really nice little set-ups for selling their wares, so I've got to do some planning, get some fabric for my table linens, and so on...

I've got lots to do before July 21st!

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