Monday, July 9, 2007

I want a Pearl...

(image from Press Museum)

I'm starting to think about getting a bigger press. As much as I love my Kelsey, and want to continue using it, I am starting to feel restricted by the size (5X8) and effort needed to print larger runs. I need a press that can be moved into my basement by people, not forklifts. Our basement can be accessed by stairs on the inside of the house, and a door and stairs below ground on the outside of the house. There is not a lot of room on either staircase, so my options are limited.

So, I am on the lookout for an Improved Pearl No.11 or No. 8 in good shape. I am willing to travel to pick up. I am hoping there is one out there that is in working order and ready to print. I'd consider driving as far as California if need be...

If you know of someone selling a Golding Pearl, or someone who wants to get rid of one, shoot me an email at info at Or, if you know of someone selling any kind of press that can be moved into a basement without machinery, let me know...

Also curious to know if any of you have moved a larger press into your basement and how your experience was.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. I have a Pearl; and we got it into the basement ok. We have a walk-in basement; so we didn't have to do any stairs. I didn't have a dolly/hand cart, so my husband and brother had to carry it in; and it was really hard for the two of them. The press was taken apart, but it is still very clumsy to carry between two men. So my husband did most of the carrying with my brother "spotting" him. They dragged it across the lawn on a piece of cardboard until they got to the door way and had to carry it in. Scary!!! I highly recommend purchasing a $60 hand cart to bear the load. It's just to weirdly shaped to carry for two men. It was ok, though, once we got it back on the base and in the house. Now, if we have to move it again, we went and bought the handcart. :) Good luck! I know of a guy who is selling his Pearl presses, but he's here in Massachusettes on the New Hampshire border; which is pretty far away!

  2. (sorry for my typos...I was typing too fast)

  3. As a side question; how do you know how much product to create for the show? I'd love to try a craft show sometime, but would have no idea how much "stuff" I would need. Did you get advice on what you would need to have on hand?

  4. You might already know about this site, so sorry if it's repetitive information. The Briar Press ( has a classified section.

    You should also check Ebay too. Sometimes presses pop up.

    Good luck!

  5. I had a Pearl. Dad had one too. Both of us discovered that a C&P has better metal. A 7x11 form ain't much to work with. 8x10 is better & 10x15 will do almost anything you want.

    Yes, a Pearl moves with two strong people; a C&P takes a lift-gate truck and a bunch of strong backs. But I think you'd be happier with a C&P.

    Although I wish I'd kept the Pearl.

    The Tagalong Press

  6. Two and a half years later... I'm scouring the internet for a Pearl no. 11. Does anyone know of one on the west coast for sale? I live in Los Angeles and would be willing to drive a days worth to pick it up. Thanks!


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