Thursday, July 5, 2007

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, it's July 5th today...meaning I have 15 more days until the launch of my letterpress line at Got Craft. There is still sooooo much to do. The weekend did not yield many results as I goofed off at my friend's lovely lakeside cabin on Shuswap lake, here in BC. But, after printing nearly every day for weeks, I needed a break :)

So in this post, I will answer some of the questions people have left in the comments, and post some more photos of the goods that will be for sale at the Got Craft show...

Q. What weight of Crane Lettra do you use?
A. 110 # Cover. You can get a much heavier weight (I got some in my samples) but I haven't bought any yet...

Q. Do I illustrate my own designs?
A. Mostly yes. I (and you) can't print other people's designs without their permission or license to reproduce their artwork for sale. So yes, I illustrate my own designs. Luckily for me, I love type, so often my designs do not require too much illustration. I have two flower designs that I am currently us
ing that I purchased licenses to reproduce and sell as greeting cards, framed art, etc. One is a vintage illustration of a rose - which I couldn't do myself without spending hours, and hours on.

Generally letterpress works best with type and line art - both of which I am comfortable with.

Q. What size Boxcar Base do you use with the Kelsey 5x8?
A. Visit this page for more info. You will need a Deep Relief base cut to 3.5" x 6.5" - you cannot order this size online, you'll need to call or email the kind, friendly staff at Boxcar. By the way, Boxcar staff are extremely helpful, so don't be afraid to call them with questions. The plates you will use with the Deep Relief base are KF 152.

Q. How do you print the two-color cards when using plates?
A. Well, there are two options...Get two plates made, one with each color (which is the more expensive method). Or, have one plate made with both colors, and cut them up and print with the pieces for each color. Boxcar Press has a webpage that explains exactly how to do this (the "Jigsaw Jamboree"). It's a great technique. This is why I love the Boxcar system - you can cut your plates up and move the pieces around and pretty much do what you wish.

Q. Will you sell your work online?
A. Yep! I will be opening an Etsy store a.s.a.p., and a new website specifically for my letterpress work. My studio website is more of a showcase for my graphic and web design work.

And finally, some recent work...

My banner for my table at the craft fair - printed at Kinko's. I am pleased.

A navy set of notecards paired with really cool envelopes made with lunchbag-style paper, and a lunchbag-style flap.

A card for the newly engaged, newly wed, for a daughter from a mother, or a bride seeking a bridesmaid or maid of honour. Anything goes with this wedding card.

Here is one of the goodies being given away if you are in the first 25 visitors at Got Craft...I heard people came early to the May Got Craft so they could get their swag bags. Sounds like they are highly coveted - so come early!


  1. I love your cards and your blog! I own a greeting card business too, Most of the cards are handmade. I am thinking about getting into letterpress and many of my new designs are line art and I want that clean look that letterpress gives. Where do you get the lunchbox envelopes from? I am always looking for new things and those are very cool.
    Having never done letterpress, just been a huge admirer, i am wondering where to go to learn about it and how to find a press. I have been to the Briar page and got some good information there. Any suggestions and how you found your information. I am guessing from what I have learned that you can create digital cards and send out to get the plates for them? Is this correct?? Boxcarpress does them, what is the cost to bring into Canada? I live in Shawnigan Lake, on Vancouver Island. I may try to come to Vancouver to see the got craft fair. Thanks for doing the blog, it has been very helpful!!


  2. I was wondering where you purchased your art from (the flowers) which you bought the rights to use for making your cards? I need to do something similar and I was wondering how much that usually runs and such. any help you can give would be much appreciated! Thanks!

  3. Hi there! What a great blog... I LOVE your work!!!
    My sister and I recently bought a Kelsey 5x8 and your blog, chronicling your work with your Kelsey (and now C&P) has been really helpful! There aren't many sources of help out there for letterpressing... we love being able to see your work, and the process that you went through, on your blog!
    A few questions for you... we haven't printed a thing yet, but will probably receive some paper, type, etc. for Christmas. We'd also asked for some of the more ornamental type letterpress stamps that you see on ebay, but I wasn't aware that you aren't able to use these stamps on items that you sell. Where did you buy the licensing? Also, I read that you create your own designs... how does the process work for having those made? I noticed that many of your cards have mostly type, but also small dots, hearts, or stars on them- did you have all of those made for you?
    Thanks so much for your help...


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