Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Etsy or not to Etsy...

I'm curious to know how many of you use Etsy to sell your crafts online. I'm considering using Etsy this way to sell my letterpress work, but wonder if there is any real benefit to it. Why not just sell directly from my own website, right? I guess there is the added exposure, but they take an extra percentage of your sale on top of what PayPal already takes - so is it worth it? Anyone have any experience with Etsy?


  1. I say go for it. It's practically free only 20 cents to list an item. And, a search for "letterpress" gives a smaller size list of products than other categories. It would be easy to bail in a few months if you don't think it's worth it.

    I'm going to list my letterpress stuff there (well, after I run something :)

    Btw, Hi, I'm Amy.

  2. I think that you should etsy. I love your site and your cards. You should at least try it because your stuff is really good :)

  3. hello!

    I'd say go for it. for me, at least, the added exposure & custom/wholesale jobs originating from etsy have far outweighed the fees, etc.

    good luck!

  4. i think it's worth it. a lot of blogs with more exposure (designsponge, etc) go through the etsy listings looking for good work. you can also put a link on etsy to your site, so you don't have to pay the 20 cents on every item.

    i posted a random letterpress artist book i did, just to start getting stuff out there, and with no advertising at all, it has almost 300 hits.

  5. I agree! Try it! Letterpress sellers I think a really loved on Etsy! They are not that much in numbers, but their work quality is awesome! You would fit in excellent! I bought a letterpress card myself on Etsy!


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