Monday, June 25, 2007

Recent Creations...

Not too much to report other than I've been printing like a crazy person and beginning to resent the coolness of the basement. The weather in Vancouver has frankly been horrible lately (by horrible I mean I'm considering moving to Arizona so that I can dry out from all this stinkin' rain!!!), and instead of the basement being a nice place to cool down from the summer heat, it's just dark and cold. Oh well, such is the life of a person with no above ground spot for her press :) There are worse things in life - enough whining.

I got my banner made at Kinko's for my table at the Got Craft show. I know some people loathe Kinko's, but the one near me is staffed with intelligent, helpful types, that know what "dpi" and "bleeds" are. I've never had a banner made before, but I'm very happy and I think it will look nice on my table. My camera batteries died, so no photo yet, but will post soon.

I've got more cards to work on for the show, and I've got to figure out my pricing structure and table layout. Still lots of work to be done!

Happy letterpressing!

p.s. all designs © 2007 Sunlit Media


  1. These are lovely, Erin.

    —Jess (XSpex)

  2. I'm completely hooked on watching your progress! I can't wait to see pictures from the Got Craft show!

    I love the simplicity of your designs.


  3. Hi Erin, I really love your letterpress blog, which I found on briarpress. Question: Do you illustrate your own designs (such as the flowers, etc), or do you purchase stock illustrations? I'm wait-listed for a beginner letterpress class in San Francisco, and I can't wait!

  4. Hi Erin,
    I love reading your blog, and find it extremely helpful. Also, your work is lovely. I have just purchased a 5 x 8 Kelsey and I would like to create greeting cards using polymer plates. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on what size boxcar plate you use. I am not sure what the largest size I can buy would be while still being able to lock it up in my chase.

    thanks so much!!

  5. Hi Erin,

    It's Tanya again from a previous mention in your blog! I have acquired an Adana 8/5- so much fun! Wondering what paper stock and card that is for the photos above? I got my sample order from Crane as well! And how did you do the black and pink/ two ink process? Lots of questions!


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