Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Tag, I'm It...

I was recently tagged by Whitney and Jonathan at Brown Sugar Design (fellow invitation/graphic designers from Kirkland, WA - beautiful work) to post eight random facts or habits about myself, and then pass the fun along to eight other bloggers. Hmm, as I track back to everyone that has done this before me, I see that most of my other fave bloggers have already been tagged… :)

Nevertheless, here’s my bit:

  • I am a dental hygiene nazi of the highest order. I cannot, CANNOT, go to bed without flossing and brushing. Sometimes I floss twice a day. I keep Crest and Oral-B in business. I have floss on my person at all times, in case a flossing emergency occurs.
  • I met my husband in a bar, and I hate to admit it. I actually lied to my parents and told them I met him at a party, because I didn’t want them to think I picked up a random stranger in a drinking establishment. When he asked for my number I refused to write it down, so he memorized it and called me the next day for a date.

  • I have a major weakness for candy and chocolate (hmm, perhaps this explains my dental OCD). See’s Candies, Marabou (Swedish), and Harry and David Chocolate Covered Strawberries are my vices of choice.

  • I was born in Pointe Claire, Montreal, and speak French and Spanish.

  • I come up with my best design ideas when I am away from the computer - usually while on the elliptical trainer at the gym.

  • I have traveled extensively and have had numerous awe-inspiring, life-changing moments along the way. Waking up to a Tuscan sunrise at a vineyard in San Gimignano, sleeping in a thatch-roof hut (bure) in Fiji with no electricity, sailing in the Whitsundays in Australia, swimming with sharks in Belize…A trip to Asia is up next...

  • My great grandfather was a pressman. He even wrote a printing encyclopedia. Perhaps this printing thing is genetic?
  • I can't sing to save my life - I've always admired those who can do it well.
I will round up some bloggers to tag...stay tuned.

Update on the C&P

I finally found a mover to help me - good old Atlas (Salmon's). I've used them before for household moving, and they have a commercial division for heavy/awkward items. August 11 is the moving date! Wohoo! I'll take lots of photos of the move/reassembly (did I mention we're taking it apart a bit? Yeah - otherwise she won't fit).

Moving will be between $450-650. Yuck. But, I'd rather let the professionals lug 1,000 lbs down the stairs instead of me!

Happy letterpressing!


  1. Good golly, good luck with the move!

  2. Saw your new press last weekend when I went out to purchase some type from Dave. It was already partly disassembled when I saw it and somewhat less intimidating when you consider lifting. :-)


  3. I'm excited for you and your press! Getting a small tabletop press is one thing on my life list that I hope to get one day!
    And See's Candies are wonderful...I'm from the south so I can only get them when I visit my best friend in Seattle. There's a place close to the airport so that's one of our first stops.
    Can't wait to here more stories when you get your press!


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