Friday, August 3, 2007


Let the countdown begin - 7 days until the moving of the C & P into the basement. We've cleared out a bunch of stuff down there beside my Kelsey and worktable, so that the press will have a nice home in the corner under a window. Right now, the space is occupied by some weight lifting stuff that we are selling on Craigslist (want to buy? wink, wink, nudge nudge).

Anyways, I've noticed a lot of people seem to mount their presses on wood and then screw the whole thing into the floor or concrete to stabilize the press (I imagine that is what the purpose is). I'm not totally sure what our plan is yet, but we'll need to figure it out before next Saturday. If I can avoid drilling holes in my basement floor, then that would be ideal.

In other news, I recently listed my wedding card on Etsy, so there are now three cards for sale. I'm not totally sold on Etsy though - there are SO MANY people selling paper goods on there. Not that that is a bad thing, but I just don't know if it's the best way to showcase product. It's almost like there is too much going on. If you watch the "recently added" widget, you might get a bit overwhelmed watching all the new things being listed.

Anyways, have a lovely long weekend fellow Canadians! Happy letterpressing!


  1. Good luck with the move--you're going to love the C&P. The wood helps keep down the vibration on the hard floor, so you might want to keep the press on wood. As long as the press doesn't creep around you're basement you probably don't need to bolt it in. I hope you make good use of the weightlifting gear before trying to move that heavy press around!

  2. Erin with ETSY I kind of agree, I like that until my website is redone, I can put some items on there and point people to it, but for all the folks that have looked at my stuff I've only sold one item and I'm not sure if PEZ really counts since I know him..

  3. Take it nice and slow with your move, these presses are very top heavy and it doesn't take much effort to topple them over. I've got an 8x12 C&P bolted to skids but it's not bolted to the floor. I've never had an issue with the press moving about so I wouldn't worry about bolting it to the floor, the weight of the press will keep it in place.

  4. i love this card. oh, i love letterpress art. good luck with the move!


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