Thursday, October 4, 2007


Since my last post, there have been a few exciting developments at the studio. First off, the flywheel is now back on! After much struggling - the flywheel was finally put back on the crankshaft thanks to:
  1. Filing down the hole in the center of the flywheel - yep, there were lots of little burrs. Who knew a tiny little insignificant groove could cause such trouble.
  2. Filing down the crankshaft.
  3. Liberal application of WD40.
  4. Lots of hammering (I hadn't tried this on my own too much because I was too scared to break something).
  5. And most importantly, a father-in-law who happens to be a mechanic. Yay for fathers-in-law!
My father-in-law managed to get the wheel off from its stuck position on the shaft in about 2 mins by wiggling the wheel. Then he filed down the shaft and wheel center with sandpaper, put the wheel back on, and well...hammered the heck out of it until it was back on as it should be. Then we put back in the pin, and Bob's your uncle.

I once read that "if at first you don't succeed, try a sledgehammer". I'm glad we didn't have to take that route!

Currently I am working on my holiday line, items for sale at upcoming craft shows, and some custom orders. If you or your business needs custom letterpress holiday cards, please contact the studio for an estimate. I can produce a custom design for your business, or you can use a pre-designed layout and add your text and logo. I have already started on holiday orders, so it's not to early to get going. I also can assist with your holiday party invitations - please contact the studio for more information.

I was also recently asked to submit a broadside for an art museum show on letterpress printing in Oregon. Unfortunately, the gallery didn't realize I was Canadian, and so I can't participate after all. It's too bad, as I was really excited to submit a piece. But, art galleries and museums are that way here too, so I do understand the restriction.

Above you'll see some chartreuse notecards I recently printed on the C&P - they are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop.

This week I'll be working on custom orders, holiday stationery, and some Christmas gifts for friends and family. The studio is jumping with new web and print-related projects for a variety of clients - so I will be nice and busy until Christmas.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. Yay! Doesn't it just feel so good?!
    I love the new cards. I'm going to be printing my holiday cards this week and next week. I have no idea how many to make (I'm only selling on etsy). I'm scared to make too many, but then I'm scared to not make enough. I think I'll stick to a lesser amount because I can always make more I guess...*sigh*

  2. Love watching your latest works pop up every couple of days. Reading your blog has inspired me to start documenting my own new adventures, starting with the arrival of my first press. I aim to make it as informative as yours, for us poor souls in Australia that have very little letterpress resources here!


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