Friday, October 12, 2007

We love letterpress...and pets!

Here's a quick breather from letterpress news...I just wanted to post a picture of a dog that Sunlit Letterpress has sponsored through the BC SPCA's Biscuit Fund. Never heard of it? It's a fab program where 100% of donations are spent on emergency veterinary care for hurt, abandoned and homeless animals. No money is used for administration fees.

I've been an SPCA supporter for many years, and when I saw this photo of Tyson, I couldn't help myself. Tyson looks just like my boxer Zane, who passed away from canine lymphoma last June.

If you want to help the animals, please visit the BC SPCA Biscuit Fund website to learn about the animals you can sponsor. I promise you won't be able to resist their precious photos! Once Tyson has his surgery, I'm sure he'll be adopted straight away! If I didn't already have a busy little boxer of my own, I'd adopt him myself!

And now back to letterpress...This week we received the hundreds of envelopes we ordered to go with our holiday cards. I reckon there are close to 600 envelopes in the box in various colors and styles. Now I just need to get my plates ordered and made...I'm having trouble finalizing some of my designs. But, I need to just do it and get things finished this weekend. I have a craft fair on Dec. 1st that I need to be ready for! I also need to get the holiday items up on Etsy.

This week we also finished and shipped a custom card order to a wonderful Etsy customer. She is expecting and she and her husband will be using our "Bun in the Oven" and "Oh Baby" cards to announce the news to friends and family! Yay!

This week I was thrilled to have our new dot notecards featured on the HOW Magazine blog. Thanks for the mention Megan Lane Patrick!

Our work is also now featured on Trunkt - a free digital magazine that celebrates independent photographers, painters, illustrators, graphic designers, jewelry designers, textile designers, handbag designers and other creative entrepreneurs. The "
Bun in the Oven" card is featured today in the stationery section.

Lately, I've been giving a lot of thought to the whole consignment situation. I'm not entirely convinced this is the way to go. Most stores will carry your products and keep 30-40% of your sale. When it comes to selling individual cards at 4-5$ each - once the store takes their share, there really isn't much left to cover costs, shipping, and a small profit. So, I guess I'm going to have to think this one over a bit more - sleep on it a while. I'm curious what the rest of you are up to - re: outlets for selling your wares.

Happy letterpressing...


  1. Such great things!
    I have had the same reservations about consignment/wholesale...
    I feel like it's such a little profit for so much work. I guess that's because I'm not doing it with the plan for expanding...I do it because I enjoy it so I guess I want to keep things small and fun. For now anyway. :)

  2. Honestly it depends on your goals. It's harder to make a decent living selling cards at $4 a pop (even assume $3 of that is profit) then selling 4-5 invitation suites at $700.


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