Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Indigo Girl

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I'm trying to be better at posting more regularly - so here we go! Above are some photos of business cards we designed and printed for Nicole, a fashion stylist from Vancouver. Nicole was fun to work with and picked a great ink color for her cards – the cool purple goes well with Crane's Fluorescent White Lettra stock.

This week we've started working with Addiction Surfboards based in Angoulins, France. My French has come in very handy for this project. Although I was born in Québec and have spoken French as a second language for most of my life, I've never had to use specific printing terms in such depth before. It's been fun to broaden my horizons a bit. We will be printing the certificates that come with each Addiction custom surfboard that the shaper, laminator, and other craftsmen will sign when the board is ready to be delivered. I'm really excited to get started with the printing on this one!

I'm still in shock that Friday will mark the middle of August. Just a few more weeks and I'll be off to Japan. I will definitely be visiting the Printing Museum in Tokyo. I'm also trying to convince my husband that we should visit Puroland (a.k.a. Hello Kitty World) just for the sheer wacky (and quite possibly sickening) sensory overload that it is guaranteed to be. If you have any other recommendations for me (Tokyo or otherwise), feel free to post a comment.

Happy letterpressing!

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