Sunday, August 10, 2008

Monograms + Chickens

This past week I received an order for our monogram stationery, but the client wanted two initials instead of one – as a gift for a friend. It means running the cards through the press twice so that the initials overlap - and I think the result is rather pretty. The cards will soon make their way to San Francisco to their new home.

In other news, a new little friend has taken up residence near the studio. A chicken from the farm across the street has decided that the garden outside the studio makes a great place to find random snacks (what is she eating? bugs?). She also seems to like to hang out under the front entrance. Maybe we'll have to start charging rent for her new chickenminium. Here is a photo of the chicken running away as I try to take her picture...

Happy letterpressing!


  1. I love the monogram. I'm always a fan of letters. Especially letterpressed letters!

  2. love your blogs, erin. just wondering, do you have any special equipment for getting those rounded corners?

    mmm, fried chicken...



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