Friday, October 31, 2008

Letterpress Giveaway Winner Announced!

Today is the day! Drumroll please (à la Clark Griswold) - trrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

The winner of the limited edition letterpress giveaway is comment poster #47 - DECOR ADDICT who said:

"How can you not love Letterpress? You can see and feel the texture of it, it's absolutely luxurious, and so special. They should really ensure all printed material is letterpressed. The world would be much happier place. I'm not sure who I mean "they" are. I guess the printers of the world! Great, now i'm babbling. Ok, I'll stop now."

Decor Addict, please e-mail your postal address to me at info at sunlit (hyphen) letterpress dot com and we'll get your card set to you a.s.a.p.!

Thank you to everyone who posted - it is so nice to know there are so many letterpress lovers out there in the world : )

Here are a few of the other comments that were posted:

"Time stops when the mail includes a hand-addressed envelope. Inside, we find a scrumptious Lettra card, an antidote to our frenzied pace. We sense both the care of the sender and the passion of the artisan. What other type of correspondence delivers such grace?"

" know it's a special occasion when you receive a letterpressed card."

"The perfect marriage of design and craftsmanship - letterpress elevates the printer from merely applying ink to paper to an artisan of texture and beauty."

"I just love the smell of ink. It makes me warm all over and reminds me of visiting my Dad's print shop when I was very small."

"Opening a letterpress envelope invokes the feeling of something special and decadent, just for you, like finding a trunk of your grandmother's accessories in an attic and trying on a dainty glove, or biting into a cupcake. It makes people pause, sometimes even close their eyes, as if to hold onto this comforting, whimsical thought for as long as they can."

"A letterpress card in the mail means someone really cares for you."

"'s a good reminder to impress something beautiful on the world - we need all the beauty we can get."

"It makes your heart skip a beat and takes your breath away."

"Whenever a letterpressed card or letterhead is in my hands, I don't just hold it, I lovingly cradle it – then I run towards the light and tilt it ever so slowly to see just how deep the impression is and to watch the cotton sparkle, strand by strand at the edges of the strike."

"I love the texture, of course, and the fact that a real human being made it."

Thank you again to everyone who participated by posting their comments. Because this contest was so fun, I plan to do more contests in the future, so check back often. We have some fun new designs coming out before Christmas, so we'll plan to give a few of those away soon.

I wish you all a Happy Halloween and safe trick-or-treating! Below is a photo of the pumpkin I carved up last night. This was my first time using the "scraping technique" and I have to say I am proud of the results!

Happy letterpressing!

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