Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Indie I DO & Nice Try Mike!

Photo © and courtesy of Lotus Events

Just a quick post to let you know that we will be participating in Indie•I•Do on January 17th 2009 at Heritage Hall in Vancouver. From the organizers:

Indie I Do is an alternative to the cookie cutter wedding where one size does not fit all. The first show of its kind in Canada, Indie I Do revolutionizes an industry that is dominated by commercial products and provides couples with the opportunity to think outside the box."

We will be showcasing our custom designed letterpress wedding stationery and invitations, taking orders for ready-to-wear stationery items (such as custom monogram stationery for newlyweds!), and offering a few of our "do-it-yourself" items for sale.

At a later date I will have complimentary tickets to give away (valued at $200), so stay tuned and mark your calendars!

And...On a sad note, someone tried to scam us on our recent letterpress giveaway contest. Decor Addict was the winner so in our last post we asked him/her for a postal address so we could send the set of cards to him/her. We received an email from "Mike" that said:

Wow! thanks for picking me!!!!

Postal address to send cards:
Columbus, Ohio

Because Decor Addict's comment links to her blog, I know that a) her name isn't Mike, b) she is female, and c) she is NOT from Ohio. So I emailed her to confirm these facts, and it was true, someone tried to get us to send the giveaway prize to him when he wasn't the winner.

Mike, that stinks. Shame on you.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. LOL Thanks for letting me know !!! I can't wait to recieve my cards, thanks again! :-)

  2. hey!

    I'm Mike, I'm from Columbus, but I did NOT write that. What street did "he" say?

  3. Don't worry Mullmer - I know it wasn't you. The person has apologized via e-mail so we'll just forgive and forget :)

    Looking forward to hosting another contest - be sure to enter next time everyone.


  4. I recieved the cards yesterday! Love them! Absolutely beautiful.


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