Friday, November 21, 2008

Letterpress Coasters

I recently ordered up some blank coasters and tested out a few prints. We'll have other designs available for sale in our Etsy shop over the next day or two.

This week we've been working on finishing up the printing for a custom wedding order, designing a wedding invitation suite for another client, and printing up an order for a client that will be giving away packages of our notecards to his own clients as a holiday gift.

My hands are pretty raw right now from all the press work (thank God for Aveda's hand cream). My hands are usually a bit of a mess because I don't like to wear latex or other gloves during printing, like some other printers do. This means that I get grease and ink on my hands during printing, and they get dry and sometimes cut from handling all the paper. 100% cotton paper is great, but handling it repeatedly sucks all the natural oils from your hands. Combine this with the fact that I use an industrial scrub to take the grease and ink off my hands when I'm done for the day, and you can understand the discomfort. Ah, the price we pay for letterpress beauty!

Have a great weekend!

Happy letterpressing!

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