Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Invitations + Holiday Notice

Once again I have to apologize for my lack of posts. These past few weeks have been incredibly busy in the studio with Christmas stationery orders, wedding orders, and corporate stationery orders. One of my wrists has nearly seized on me from some of the special detail work I've been doing. Luckily I had help so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

This week I finished up an invitation order for Alix and Todd (photo above). This lovely couple is from Alberta, but we did manage to meet in person when they were visiting Vancouver earlier this Fall. We discussed their preferences and managed the rest of the design process via phone and e-mail. It always surprises me how easy it is to work with people from out of town (and out of country, more than half of our clients are from outside Canada). Working virtually with clients from around the world was probably never even considered possible by previous generations. God bless the Internet.

Tomorrow I am leaving for New York City for a bit of a business/pleasure trip. Business in the sense that I intend to do a bit of research and planning for 2009, and pleasure in that I will have a fair amount of free time on my hands. I have never been to the Big Apple (though it has always been on my bucket list) and am looking forward to seeing as much as I can. If anyone has any design/letterpress/stationery-related places or things or shops I should see, please leave a comment. Or, if you have any tourist recommendations in general (i.e. "Don't visit the Statue of Liberty, it's totally lame!"), lay them on me. Restaurant recommendations are also welcome! We'll be staying in the Times Square area, which looks pretty central to everything.

Happy letterpressing!


  1. On one of my last trips to NYC, I visited a couple of great shops that sell engraved stationery - Smythson of Bond Street and Mrs. John L. Strong - so luxurious, you can hardly imagine. Both on the upper east side, I think. Also, make your way downtown Bowne and Company, a charming old-school letterpress shop at the Southstreet Seaport Museum.

  2. As a fellow Vancouverite, I've always wanted to do a NYC trip with a paperie/printing focus.

    I've never been either, but I have a list of things that I'd love to visit:
    The New York Public Library
    Purl Bee - the textile and craft store
    Kate's Paperie stationary shop
    The Alice and Wonderland Statue in Central Park
    Brooklyn - Lotta Jansdotter, the Swedish designer, has an open studio for the public there, there is the Rare Device gift and a TON of letterpress printers. has a great section with city traveling guides - I'm sure she has something.

    And if it was the right time of year, the National Stationary Show!

    Take lots of photographs so I can live vicariously through you!

  3. Well you're right on one thing, the Statue of Liberty IS totally lame (and riddled with annoying school kids!).

    I would second the recommendations on Browne and Company and the NY Public Library. On Browne and Company, make sure to check the hours before going, I think they're closed some days. The Public Library is amazing for the architecture & art of the place alone, a beautiful building, and it's super close to Times Square.

    My husband's cousin lives in NY and has posted a list of her favorite things to recommend visitors do in NY, and I can't agree with her list more.

  4. See what's happening at Center for Book Arts and the Grolier Club. Not exactly letterpress, but you're bound to see some interesting things at Printed Matter in Chelsea. Morgan Library is always interesting.

  5. Really beautiful work.

    One day I shall visit Vancouver again. One of the most beautiful cities on Earth.

    You have a great blog here. Hope this finds you well.


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