Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Iguana Position

I am back in the studio after a quick break in Mexico. I spent a fair bit of time in "iguana position" as the locals call it, a.k.a. lying down and warming up in the sun. If only you could bottle up the weather and bring it home with you...the Vancouver rain and damp weather at this time of year can sure be a stinker. But, it looks like I missed some snow while I was away, so that's good.

This week has been spent mostly getting caught up with existing projects and meeting with some new couples for custom wedding stationery orders. I am very excited for the projects currently coming down the pipeline. I will post photos when complete.

My husband recently installed some new fluorescent lamps in the studio above the press which has been great. There used to be some directional lighting, but with the shadows created by letterpress printing and the variations in ink colors from hand-mixing, the existing lighting just wasn't cutting it anymore. The new lighting is much better. I've also starting using a gel mat made for professional kitchens and it has helped my knees immensely while printing. Standing around while hand feeding the press doesn't sound like a big deal, but after a while you develop some pain in your joints - particularly your knees and hips.

Speaking of printing...time to get back to it...

Happy letterpressing!


  1. Hello! I love your work! I have a question about you actually have to use a big contraption to do it? and what if you design your own design, how can you make that into a letterpress?

    just curious, never understood how it really worked!

  2. Hello! I love your work, everything is absolutely stunning! Can you tell me, how does one do letterpress in modern day? Does it still require those huge machines? And what if you drew something and you want that design on you have to get a metal pieces made of that drawing?
    So curious! Thanks!


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