Thursday, February 28, 2013

Desert Time

Last year I was contacted by a great couple from my hometown that are getting married this March in Palm Springs. I was excited and loved designing their invitations because I totally dig the whole Palm Springs modernist vibe and arts scene - and this was my chance to try to capture a California wedding destination on paper. I haven't photographed the whole suite yet since we haven't had a good clear sunny day for lighting in a while (Yay for living in the Pacific Northwest [not]). Anyways, above is a photo of one of the pieces with the wedding logo I created for the couple. I thought two palms together would tie the wedding and the destination together into one motif with names and the wedding date.

My family just returned from Palm Springs and while we were visiting we had a night away sans kiddies (thanks Mum and Dad). When I was sitting at the hotel pool I saw two palms staring back at me and it made me think of the invitations. So, I snapped a shot poolside.

This week we are just finishing up the menus and thank you notes for Celia and Jonathan's wedding. More photos to come!

As a side note, if you are ever in Palm Springs I highly recommend Birba Restaurant on North Palm Canyon Drive. Holy yum. And a Negroni Sbagliato that will blow your mind. The fact that it was Modernism Week meant lots of interesting people and clothing (I didn't know Pucci designed men's suits...but I'm pretty sure I saw a few vintage ones at Birba).

We are back to the sunshine in a few weeks (to HI) - maybe for good this time :)  I am looking forward to leaving all this rain behind!

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