Wednesday, July 31, 2013

College Students and Letterpress – A Perfect Match!

Do you remember going off to college as a young adult? I do - in fact, every September I seem to have the same nightmare where I am for some reason sent back to university and can't find any of my classes on campus and get Fs on all my papers. I'm not sure what that says about my subconscious, but it is usually so real that I wake up wondering WTH just happened!

So I was thinking - what would make a new college student, away from home, missing family and friends, wondering if anyone misses her, feel better? How about a gift that comes by snail mail at the beginning of every month, full of letterpress goodness?

Here is our gift to the millions suffering from "off to the real world" anxiety! It's OFF TO SCHOOL 2013!

Monthly Letterpress Subscription - 8 Months - Starts September 2013

Letterpress treats delivered monthly to your special student's (snail) mailbox at college!

Buy a subscription for your college student to our Letterpress Lovers Club - a "letterpress-of-the month" club where the recipient will receive a unique letterpress stationery item once a month for the duration of their membership.

Why they'll love it:
  • a monthly reminder that you are thinking about them!
  • a beautiful gift that is different every month!
  • something to look forward to at the mail center other than a cell phone bill!
  • monthly stationery products that encourage them to stay in touch!
Why you'll love it:
  • a monthly reminder that you are thinking about them!
  • cheaper shipping than a care package box!
  • your student will have no more excuses for not sending a card to Granny on her birthday!
  • healthier than a care package full of chocolate and boxes of mac n' cheese!
  • using their stationery will keep them busy and far away from kegstands and freshman toga parties! (ok, probably not...but we can hope?)
Each month the mailout is different - and will include an assortment of stationery items such as notecard or greeting card sets, art prints, gift tags, letterpress printed packaging items, seasonal stationery pieces, etc.

(A limited number of 8-month memberships are for sale. Please also see our 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month membership listings if interested in a shorter or longer membership period.)

For 10% off your subscription use code "OFF2SCHOOL"
Expires August 31, 2013

Your student's first shipment will be sent September 1, 2013. Subsequent mailings are sent at the beginning of each month. 

***Please be sure to specify the student's mailing address in the "NOTES TO SELLER". A membership card will be sent noting your name as the sender of the membership gift.***

Your special student will have something to look forward to in the mail every month, and will be the envy of her friends after receiving her monthly mailing!

(Photos shown above are examples of our previous mailings, and are not necessarily the items that will be mailed).

Please contact us with any questions about the Club or how to join. We're happy to help!

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