Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunlit Letterpress Now On Instagram

When it comes to technology, I'm one of the last to get on-board. I had a flip phone forever and finally got myself an iPhone years after everyone else (even despite having a friend that worked on the development of the original iPhone!). I guess I'm a bit of a throw-back in the sense that I don't like the way that phones have turned some of us into zombies - and is there anything ruder than someone with their nose in their phone all the time checking texts? Blech.

But, we all have to keep up to some degree, and since blogging can sometimes take more time than I have available, I figured Instagram would be an easy and faster way to show off our work. I'm still going to keep blogging and Facebooking (is Facebooking even a word?) for Sunlit, but Instagram will be a quick and dirty way to keep the photos coming.

We only have one post so far, but please visit and follow us on Instagram here. We'd love your feedback and comments on our work! And I promise, no obnoxious self-portraits :) (unless of course I come across Paul Rudd and he agrees to take a photo with me).

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