Saturday, August 1, 2015


Happy August 1st! I consider August 1st to be the midpoint of summer because it leaves us just one month before everyone heads back to school. I hope this summer has brought you some wonderful memories and fun times so far! Our family has spent a great deal of time at the beach now that we live within walking distance, and it's been great. As my friend pointed out today, the beach is somewhere you can let the kids get dirty, throw toys everywhere, drip juice and food at will, and generally do things you can't do inside the house without consequence – and tide pools make for quick and easy clean-ups!

This summer has been busy as we moved our family and studio to a new home in late spring. We are still (#ugh #makeitstop) unpacking random bits here and there and doing some renovation work. My office space will undergo an overhaul in the fall and I am looking forward to finishing the space and implementing some new organization systems to streamline inventory, packaging, and shipping. If I remember to take photos (mental note!), I will post some before and after shots.

The studio printing space and equipment was moved to our new home with ease by our friends at Salmon's Transfer commercial division. This was our fourth (OMG!) commercial move with them and we are on a first name basis with the guys now. Crazy. These guys KNOW what they are doing and I highly recommend them if you have commercial equipment, awkward items, or heavy pieces like safes or pianos to move. This move took our equipment from ground level to ground level, so the move was swift and uneventful – the best kind of move!

In addition to the custom wedding stationery orders we've been working on this summer (photos coming soon), we've been busy preparing inventory for the Etsy Made In Canada Vancouver Market, which will take place at Robson Square on September 26, 2015. Did you attend last year? Over 5,000 people shopped the market in 2014, and I am looking forward to another fun event this year! Oh, and there is a Chipotle's across the street. And we don't have one out in the burbs. So yeah, Chipotle's while working a show = bonus!

Here are a few new items that will also be available for purchase at the Etsy Made in Canada Market and are also available now in our shop for purchase:


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