Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Last Minute Mayhem...

This week has been a real doozy - and it's not even halfway finished! My "last weekend of productivity" before my upcoming show on Saturday was a total flop. I had worked my shoulder and neck into such a state that I couldn't turn my head for two days. I think it was the result of too much stress and too much printing and maybe some ill-fated shoulder exercises at the gym. Anyways, the injury is almost gone but not quite, and has hampered my printing abilities substantially.

Above is a photo of some gift tags I printed up before the shoulder meltdown. In my incapacitated state this weekend, I managed to punch holes in the tags and thread through some ribbon - all while lying down, and while watching Victoria Beckham's "Coming to America". I'm ashamed, but I did watch it...the whole thing.

Above is a photo of a boxer motif I illustrated and printed as a notecard. I've never created any pet-related items before - so we'll see how this one sells. I also illustrated a ballerina in arabesque attitude position and printed her as well as a notecard with chocolate brown envelopes.

The rest of this week will be spent meeting with various clients and wrapping things up before the show on Saturday. I have so much to do still it's not funny. Luckily my Mum has volunteered to help me finish up some packaging on Friday...thank goodness for mothers!

his week I am also working on the design of a custom calling card for a new client. I am very pleased with how the design is turning out and look forward to posting photos when the printing is complete.

Happy letterpressing!

p.s. Eve - J'ai reçu votre courriel - et je vous répondrai bientôt...Malheureusement, je suis très occupée cette semaine - mais je vous répondrai plus tard :)


  1. you should not be ashamed. it was hilarious. victoria beckham was too funny.

    i love the gift tags.

  2. Pas de problème chère Erin, je vois bien que vous êtes très occupé. Je vous souhaites la meilleure des chances pour votre prochain show sachant à l'avance que ce sera un grand succès!
    : )

  3. Je ne savais pas que vous parliez si bien le français!

  4. I so love the boxer cards! Would love to see those in your etsy shop!

  5. silly me - they ARE on etsy! i'll have to get some :)


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